Gifted Haven - Resources and Networking for Gifted Youth

“For [gifted children and adults], problematic behavior patterns typically are greatly reduced or disappear entirely when the person interacts with other gifted persons.” --Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults

“Haven is just what what the name suggests - a safe place for gifted youth who feel like they don’t fit in anywhere else”–Firefly, Havenite since 2009

The heart and soul of Haven are the forums, where years of members have deposited their reflections and offered each other understanding on life, giftedness, the world, and how to live in it. We welcome members of all ages although current membership is concentrated in the 12 to 20 range, and many members have never been IQ tested or otherwise “proven” gifted–our purpose is to help people and to enjoy each other’s company, and Haven is what each new member makes it.

Alongside wide-ranging chat, we discuss and deal with gifted-specific issues like twice exceptionalities, emotional and social concerns, and education.

If you’re a gifted teen, we understand. No matter how strange things seem, we understand. We’ve seen enough similar stuff before. No promises we’ll all be tactful and sensitive, but give us the chance, and maybe give something of yourself to us, so

Stay. Connect. Learn more about what it means to be Gifted, and more about yourself.

Welcome to Haven!


As this site grows, we will have more internal links and information about Giftedness and the experience of growing up Gifted. As it is, we have external resources right now. Most of these links are about Gifted children, not for them, but they’re still very informative if you can get over the sensation of being a specimen under a microscope.

You can access our new Documentation Center here

Now inactive resources :




These websites are websites whom we know the people of, and who we have contacts with, and who we sometimes work together with



FAQ for Parents

Who is behind the Gifted Haven?

The Gifted Haven is an independent website. We aren’t supported by any organization.
It is owned and run by voluntary individuals, who don’t perceive any benefits from it.

How do I know my child doesn’t get access to material I don’t want him to access when there is a Private Board?
We want to make sure your child’s privacy and safety are guaranteed. Since we are a public website, in order to so, we decided we needed to make a small part of the board private, where members could post things they do not want other people to read. For this reason, we are not planning on deleting the Private Board.
This means that unless your child does not show you or tell you about what he posts there, you won’t get access to what’s there. Our Privacy Policy indeed doesn’t allow us to communicate any information to any third party. This includes parents.
So the short answer is : no, there is no way for you to check for yourself what’s in the Private Board, due to privacy reasons.

Can you at least tell me what kind of material can be found in the Private Board?

The Private Board was created to make a place where Havenites can talk about private things they do not want others to read about. These can be either rants that give an outlet to express their feelings in a safe environment, or advice requests. Topics on this are broad : they range from giftedness-related topics to substance abuse problems and from rants against parents to relationship problems.
There are also topics containing emails, Facebook informations or any other thread that contains information that would be a privacy threat had it been in a public part of the Haven.

Wait… you guys also talk about substance abuse, but in private boards. How do I know you aren’t advocating its use?

We, as in the Gifted Haven’s staff, do not support substance abuse. It is illegal in most countries, and we aren’t advocating any kind of illegal activity.
However, we can’t promise some people on the Haven don’t advocate it, as it would go against the freedom of speech. Such censorship usually just strengthens the “rebellion” value of substance abuse, and as such, it is counter-productive. Not to mention the fact that someone who censors someone else may be seen as someone unsure of his arguments.
We do promise that the staff will support anyone wanting to get rid of addictions, and that not only we won’t promote it, but will also post all the information about the dangers of substance abuse whenever the topic is raised.

My child wants to go to a Havenite Gathering… what do I do?

There have indeed been a few Havenite meetings. They aren’t officially supported by the Havenite team, but they are organized by its members, and sometimes staff members.
These meetings are usually small in size, the two biggest ones in Amsterdam, Melbourne and Paris having only allowed three Havenites to meet each time, though bigger projects are being made.
Despite the fact that these meetings are not formally organized by the Gifted Haven and that it isn’t responsible for them, parents who want to contact the staff to ask for information and warranties can contact the administor who will forward information to them.
It isn’t unreasonable (and in fact, it is even highly advisable) to ask for a phone number of the person organizing the gathering, an adress, and the location of the gathering. You might want to bring your child to the meeting to meet the other persons.
Whenever possible, the Haven encourages big events (yet to happen…) to be organized in cooperation with official organizations like MENSA or Synescent.
As of now, all meetings between Havenites have gone without trouble.

Besides the Board, the Chat and some meetings, is there anything else organized by the Haven

There used to be a project of writing a book on giftedness with the participation of gifteds themselves and destined as a handbook and guide for kids discovering that they are gifted, but this project has been momentarily abandonned due to a loss of data in April 2009.
The other project, that is still active, is of a penpal circle : so don’t be surprised if your child receives a postcard, or chocolate, or an elmo plush from someone living on the other side of the planet!

I am a parent and I want to contribute!

All contributions are welcome!
Parents can’t be a part of the staff, nor even become Regular Members, but they are still welcome to contribute if they want to.
What we need parents for the most is help spreading the word : talk to other parents about the Haven, so that they talk about it to their children, or that they put links to our website on their website.
Other ways in which you can contribute is by contributing to the Book project, or organizing a gathering, or sending us feedback emails or making suggestions.


Normally, when people mention society, they’re talking about how bad it is. How corrupted its values are. How horribly modernization has warped it. How cruel it is to the Gifted. Oh, the humanity! The fact is, love it or hate it, you’re part of society. You can go become a hermit in the wilds of British Columbia if you like, but otherwise, there are other people in the world, and you have to deal with them.

The good news is, childhood and teenage society are among the worst you might encounter in your life. People really don’t have their priorities straight, and usually they’re in a position where they can shove it in your face, and you can’t do much about it. In my experience, there are three things in life that are truly worth pursuing:

  1. Having work that is worthy of your time and effort, whether it is schoolwork or a job. If you need to change classes & vacances so that you’re challenged, that’s your perogative, and no one has a right to make you feel bad just because you’re trying to find work that is worthwhile.

  2. Having outside interests that make you happy and fulfill your needs. The fact that you’re interested in anime or in chess club or band or Dork Anonymous is your concern, nobody else’s. The purpose of hobbies isn’t to make you look cool. It’s to do what interests you.

  3. Having relationships in your life that are fulfilling. You have a right to friends who care about you and are part of the natural give-and-take of friendship. You have a right not to put up with someone who hurts you or disrespects you. As a teen or an adult, you have a right to be in the mating pool, just like everyone else, and guess what! being smart begins to look good on your resume. If you’re being treated badly, know that it’s not always going to be like that, and you have a right for something better.

But you also have to manage not to annoy anyone while you’re at it. It’s all very daunting. Take a look around.

The Haven

Haven does not have any age restrictions for membership. However, by law we require parental permission for under-13s to participate. To arrange this, just contact the admins.

Haven has an adjoining messageboard for Havenites, with both forums for the kids and teens and spaces for adults to join in.

About us

To contact the Havenite Staff, please send us an e-mail

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None of the information collected from any of Haven’s pages will ever be sold, distributed, or used for any purpose than user recognition on the site.

Because of the nature of the Internet, Haven cannot guarantee the safety or the integrity of any of its members. We believe that sometimes, the anonymity of the internet can provide a degree of safety, and it might be harmful or dangerous for our members to provide any real-life contact information. Users under the age of 18 are heartily encouraged to use pseudonyms to protect their privacy, and reminded not to give out any personal contact information on Haven’s site beyond email.

This site was created by Lis Davies in 2004, and is now owned by Samuel McNamara. Send an email to him at :
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